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The Olympians are 13 pen-and-ink triptychs (39 drawings in total) on 9" by 12" bristol paper drawn with micron pens and a credit card for a straight edge. Paying homage to the 13 Olympians of the classic Greek pantheon; each work also alludes to a profile from one's own past. The Olympians project, begun in 2013, is an exercise in patience and catharsis.

aphrodite apollo ares artemis athena demeter
dionysis hades hephaestus hera hermes poseidon

Exhibits & Publications

OOTB Gallery, Cambridge MA (2015-2017)
Berta Golahny Awards, Cambridge MA (2016) (3/16/2016)
Canopy City, Somerville MA (Nov 2017)

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Aphrodite Series
Harmonia is the goddess of civility and craft. The bipolar offspring of Ares and Aphrodite, she gifts a beautiful necklace to her suitors. It empowers those that worship her, and brings wrath to those who don't.
Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and nurturing. Desired and pursued since birth, she is wise beyond her years. She marries Hephaestus, the ugliest of the Olympians, who forges her beautiful jewelry in exchange for her companionship.
Eros is the god of lust and love. The son of Aphrodite and Hermes, he manipulates mortals for entertainment. He is a skilled archer, although reckless with his choice of targets.
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Apollo Series
Orpheus is the god of music and stagecraft. The son of Apollo and Calliope, Orpheus's ability to charm attracts an entourage of mortals. They follow him wherever he goes and, when the opportunity arises, make his lyrics reality.
Apollo is the god of light and truth. Unlike his twin sister Artemis, Apollo keeps predators at bay. His light exposes deception, and his presence brings unparalleled comfort.
Asclepius is the god of healing and longevity. The son of Apollo and Coronis, he carries a staff entwined by a snake who whispers only to him the secrets to eternal health.
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Ares Series
Deimos is the god of terror and hurry. He carries a spear of unmeasurable length, allowing him to menace his victims from even beyond the horizon.
Ares is the god of aggression and force. Unlike his pragmatic sister Athena, Ares acts on impulse. He is a powerful lover and ally, but only to those who submit to his will first.
Phobos is the god of fear and smothering. Unlike Deimos, he is an intimate god who prefers proximity. His embrace causes trembling, and his stare causes paralysis.
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Artemis Series
Cyclops is the god of focus and strength. He conquers with a singular vision. So prized are his talents that other Olympians seek the weapons he forges, such as a bow for Artemis.
Artemis is the goddess of the night and the wild. Her light invokes shadows, her call summons wolves, and her presence means danger.
Orion is the god of perseverance and the hunt. Independent and reclusive, he shares his time only with the Goddess Dawn, who protects him from the creatures of the night.
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