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The Artist is a series of 13 freehand drawings in ballpoint pen created from 2000 to 2004. While working as an accountant in downtown Boston, I imagined myself in another life - as an artist - and used my lunch breaks for the escape. In 2003 I launched my first foray into exhibiting my work with unexpected success; I sold all but one piece. A thirteenth work in cold colours from this series was gifted to an ex; I have no scans or prints of it.

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Exhibits & Publications

Exchange Place Cafe, Boston MA (2003)
1369 Cafe Inman Sq, Cambridge MA (2003)
OOTB Gallery, Cambridge MA (2003)
The Middle East, Cambridge MA (2004)
Boston Phoenix, Boston MA (March 2004)
The Kells Bar, Allston MA (2004)
Calliope Cafe, Boston MA (2004)
Brookline Lunch, Cambridge MA (2004)
Amelia's Trattoria, Cambridge MA (2004)
Bagel Rising, Allston MA (2005)
OOTB Gallery, Cambridge MA (2006)

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"000" - My first (but certainly not the last) sketch based on unrequited desire - her name inscribed. Japanese symbols mean "beautiful nurse". Gifted away in 2003.
"001" - Inspired by the mailbox from which I awaited responses to my many resume mailings. After graduating from college a year to the day before completing this work I spent 6 months living unemployedly on a relative's couch. Sold in 2005.
"002" - My first work using an on-hand object (a bottle cap to the Pepsi I was drinking). Sold in 2005.
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"003" - Completed on the first day of summer, this work caught the attention of the owner of a cafe in Exchange Place on State Street (Boston) where I drew it. He offered me my first public showing that summer on a small wall space (nothing sold). Sold in 2004.
"004" - Completed on my twenty-third birthday. Sold in 2004.
"005" - My last work completed using ballpoint pen in a 5"x8" sketchbook. Sold in 2004.
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"006" - My first work created on the paper size that would become my standard: 9"x12". Also my last black and white work. Never sold, later incorporated into the Olympians project.
"008" - My first color work - in my favorite color. Sold in 2005.
"009" - My second color work and my first work ever sold (to a couple that claimed to have met at the Middle East in Cambridge, where I mostly created this work). Sold in 2005.
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"010" - My third color work; the inscribed "no disc" was a reference to Starcraft - a computer game to which I was addicted in my college years. Sold in 2005.
"011" - In brilliant shades of orange this work commanded the highest price and was the last work I sold before withdrawing from the art world. Sold in 2005.
"012" - The second to last work I sold, I also sold my last remaining print to the owner of the Kells in Allston, where it hung behind the bar until that establishment closed in 2010. Original sold in 2005.
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