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I am a Boston-based visual artist, processing the world through picture. My drawings evolved from a lifelong habit of doodling, the drafting skills I learned in engineering school, and a vivid imagination. My photographs record the vibrant landscapes that engaged my senses on my many explorations. This website is a collection of my artistic projects.

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Artist is a collection of drawings from age 21 to 24 in my early meticulous freehand style, and my first publicly exhibited artwork.
Olympians is a pen-and-ink rendering of 39 profiles, organized into thirteen triptychs and dedicated to the thirteen Olympians of classic Greek mythology.
Landscapes is a collection of my favorite landscapes I have photographed across the Unites States.
Cityscapes is a collection of my favorite city skylines I have photographed across the United States.
Portraits People, coming 2018.

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